What happened on a stag do in Chernobyl

“Everybody smile. Say ‘cancer’!”

It’s not a joke many tour guides would dare to make when their group asks for a photo – but this wasn’t a typical tour and we weren’t your average punters.

My nine friends and I were on a stag do in Chernobyl. Not for us the predictable options of Amsterdam, Prague or Hamburg. We’d chosen to send our pal off on the road to married bliss with a trip to the most radioactive place on the planet, where in 1986 a lethal nuclear catastrophe shocked the world – a disaster that is the subject of a “riveting” and “horrifying” new Sky TV drama. What could possibly go wrong?

So-called “dark” tourism, of course, is nothing new. Chernobyl tours have been offered since the late 1990s, while millions visit battlefields and former prison camps every year. Enterprising locals in Tuscany even offered boat trips to gawp at the wreck of Costa Concordia, and tourists in New Orleans were briefly encouraged to see the districts worst hit by Hurricane Katrina.

What else to read about Ukraine

Thank you for your interest in Ukraine and we hope that you will love this country even more when you will visit it.

There are many exhibition centres and art galleries in the Kyiv city for lovers of contemporary art and modern style.

They are almost always open for tourists with sophisticated taste and are ready to share the bright impressions.

In Kyiv you can spend time with your family with fun and pleasure: hiking to museums, amusement and attractions park; participation in family festivals and events.

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