How to Get From Boryspil Kyiv Airport to the City (Kyiv Airport Transfers)

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One question I see over and over is how to get from the Borispyl Kiev Airport to the city center.  It threw me for a loop for years and sometimes still does!  This guide will hopefully help you find a comfortable way from the airport to Kiev.  It contains options for the airport train, bus, and taxis. 

I am spelling Kyiv as ‘Kiev’ simply because more people are searching it that way.  Once this changes, I will update accordingly.  I spell the city as ‘Kyiv’ on a daily basis.

How to Get From Kiev Airport to the City Center (Train and Bus Options)

I have been to Kiev too many times to count over the years.  It is actually my favorite city in the entire world and I find that there are so many things to do in Kiev that I never end up bored.  The vibe of the city just completely fits me.  Because I have been to Kiev so many times, I have had the chance to experience the airport more times than I would like and it makes it easy for me to write this.

How to Get from Kiev Airport to City Center Guide (Transfers)-13
How to Get from Kiev Airport to City Center

From the Boryspil Airport to the city center, it takes around 40-50 minutes of driving to get there.  The airport is far removed from the city center.  If you are heading to the airport during high traffic hours, good luck.  Thankfully, a train has been built to help the ease of this transfer.

Getting from the Kiev Airport to the city center is a lot easier these days and you have bus, taxi, private transfer, and train options.  This post details them and also gives information on luggage storage at Kiev Airport, how to get a SIM card there, and how to get to Kiev in the first place. 

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section or send us an email.  Thanks!

How to Get to Kiev

My recommended way to travel to Kiev is on my favorite airline, airBaltic.  They run regular flights from their 70+ destinations to Riga which connects regularly with Kiev.  One of the best things about taking flights with airBaltic is that they offer great upgrades, such as their Business Class, and you get really delicious food (I had a quinoa and mint salad that was incredibly tasty) with the upgrade. The upgrade also gives you personalized service, lounge access in Riga, and drinks.

How to Get from Kiev Airport to City Center Guide (Transfers)-1

How to Get from Kiev Airport to City Center Guide (Transfers)-3

Another reason I love airBaltic is that the Riga Airport (RIX) is my favorite airport in the world because it is easy to navigate, doesn’t have a lot of overpriced nonsense in it (oh my gosh- I can actually afford to eat dinner at an airport!), and it is clean with great working wifi. 

Click here to search how to get to Kiev on airBaltic 

How to Get From Kiev Airport to the City Center by Train

Recently in 2018, Kiev Airport launched a new express train that operates from Kyiv Boryspil Airport to the central railway station.  It is a new, efficient, and comfortable option that will take you to the Kiev city center in less than 40 minutes and you’ll be able to avoid all possible traffic jams.  The train comes every 30-120 minutes depending on the hour and passenger flow.

Train from Boryspil Airport to Kiev train Station
Follow this path to get to the train

Spoiler:  Every single time I go to take this train, it’s never there and ‘doesn’t run’.  So… yeah.

In order to find the train, you will need to exit arrivals and take an immediate right, following the trains sign.  Go to the very end of the walkway and you will see the station (it is outdoors), as well as a small cashier area where you can purchase a ticket.  Click here for more train info.

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Here is the supposed train schedule

Train Ticket Prices from Kiev Airport to City

You can purchase the tickets on this train at the aforementioned kiosk right beside the train terminal.  There is apparently a terminal inside of the airport but I never saw it.  Kiev Airport ticket prices are as follows:

  • 80 UAH (4 EUR): adults 
  • 60 UAH (2.15 EUR): children from 6 to 14

As I mentioned, the train always is not available when I arrive in Kiev.  I asked some people I know who have taken it for their opinions and they said it operates just fine but it can be a bit on the crowded side during rush hour.  

Airport Bus to Kiev City Center

Another easy and acceptable option to get from the airport to Kiev city center is via the Sky bus.  Bus line 322 connects Kyiv Boryspil Airport with Kyiv’s main railway station (or Kharkiv metro station).  The purple buses will be waiting for passengers at Terminal D in the arrivals section.  

How to Get from Kiev Airport to City Center Guide (Transfers)-12
Inside the bus that ‘leaves every 15-40 minutes except when I board it’

Basically, you will walk outside of the airport and take a right and you’ll see them straight ahead of you.  Buses are supposed to leave every 15 minutes during the day and every 30-40 during the evenings but I have sat on one for an hour recently and it never left as it wasn’t filled up.  So, I got off and opted for a taxi as I was too tired to wait.  You can purchase tickets from the driver and the ride takes about 40-45 minutes in total.

Sky Bus Ticket Prices from Boryspil to the City Center

As mentioned above, you can purchase these tickets right on the bus.  You will see a driver or a small group of men standing outside of the bus.  Just ask them.  They will help you put your luggage in the compartment and will tell you to get on the bus and wait until they come and collect money for your ticket.

I took this option a few years back but haven’t taken it for a while despite sitting in the bus for an hour waiting this past trip.

  • Adults 100 UAH (3.58 EUR)  |  Return 200 UAH (7.17 EUR)
  • Children 100 UAH (3.58 EUR)  |  Return 200 UAH (7.17 EUR)

Getting a Taxi from Kiev Airport to the City Center

This is my favorite way to get from the airport to Kiev’s city center although I think it is the most difficult, to be honest.  I am just lazy and usually want out of Boryspil upon arrival.

The reason I think that this is a difficult process is that the wifi at Boryspil only works inside the terminal.  So, without getting a SIM card, you can run around forever trying to find your driver.  I have done this on multiple occasions.  And, if you have to go back inside of the terminal to get wifi, you will have to go through another security check and it is a true pain.

How to Get from Kiev Airport to City Center Guide (Transfers)-6
I never took this ‘official’ taxi but I imagine it would be relatively more expensive than Uber or Uklon

There are two taxi app services I recommend in Kiev:  Uber and Uklon.  Try to get them both set up before arriving in Ukraine if they allow you to do so.  Yandex does NOT work in Ukraine.  There are also taxis you can take from the airport but I struggled to get a driver last time even though this was supposed to be a metered journey.

With an Uber, you will pay around 330 UAH to get to the city center from the Kiev Airport.  Keep this amount in mind if you try getting a street taxi or something else as they will likely quote you around 500 UAH which is too much.

The best thing about a taxi from Kiev Airport is that you can go anywhere and you don’t have to end up at the train station.

Luggage Storage at Kiev Airport (Boryspil)

There is luggage storage at the Kiev Airport and it is unusually expensive, in my opinion.  Especially if you have more than one bag.  To find the luggage storage, you will need to enter the arrivals hall from baggage claim and passport and take a sharp left.  Continue walking toward the police and security area until you see this sign:

How to Get from Kiev Airport to City Center Guide (Transfers)-4
Luggage Storage at Boryspil Airport

You then will proceed through that door and wake up the man sleeping.  This is no pleasant experience, I can assure you.  He will make a loud groan and trot over to you with fierce eyes.  Hand over your luggage, get the tags he will hand you (I can’t even imagine what kind of trouble would ensue if you lost these- so just don’t), and run far away!

Okay, so the experience isn’t this unpleasant… just kidding, it is.  But your luggage is stored and if you’re storing multiple items for a couple of days, be prepared to pay.  I stored two suitcases for 3 days each as hauling these around was not going to be a fun part of my Ukraine itinerary.  The prices for the suitcases are as follows (and per piece):

  • Up to 1 hour: 10 UAH
  • Up to 3 hours: 30 UAH
  • Up to 6 hours: 60 UAH
  • Up to 12 hours: 120 UAH
  • Up to 24 hours: 180 UAH
  • every day after is 180 UAH

It’s not cheap, but it is an easy option for those needing to store stuff or not keen to drag it around Kiev.

How to Get from Kiev Airport to City Center Guide (Transfers)-14
Maybe Shakhtar Donetsk can give you a ride into the city if you ask nicely?

Getting a SIM Card at Kiev Airport

I have previously written about how to get a Ukrainian SIM Card in Kiev, but the experience in the airport is a bit different.  And I suggest not doing it unless it is extremely vital.  There are three operators at the Boryspil Airport: Kyivstar, Vodaphone, and Lifecell.  If you arrive in the middle of the night, chances are that only Vodaphone will be open.

The prices for getting a SIM card at this Vodaphone are much higher than grabbing one in the city.  I was given the price of 225 UAH (like $8 or so) for a couple of GB.  I, fortunately, knew I was being ripped off and decided against getting on… but if you think this is a decent price, it is up to you.  

Having a SIM card does make the process of ordering a taxi less cumbersome.  But, there is free wifi at the airport so you can just use that if you’re concerned.

How to Get from Kiev Airport to City Center Guide (Transfers)-5

Best Way from Airport to Maidan (Khreschatyk)

I find the best way from Kiev Airport to Maidan or Khreschatyk to be a taxi.  They will take you right there and drop you off.  If you’re arriving during the day, the train or bus may be a better option as you can hop on the metro from the train station to Maidan.  But, during the night, this is a great option.  

If you need a place that is open 24/7 around there to sit at- I can suggest Sushiya or Mafia.  Both have terrible sushi and food but are open around the clock and have wifi and warmth.  

Things to do in Kiev, Ukraine (Kyiv) maidan
Maidan (Independence Square)

Boryspil Kiev Airport Transfer Services

If you’re not comfortable taking any of the modes of transportation mentioned above, you can always grab a Kiev Airport transfer service to and from your hotel in the city.  Below are two recommended options for travelers going to Kiev:

These are great options if you’re heading to Kiev on business or just simply want something pre-arranged so that you have peace of mind as you land.  

I hope this guide helps you plan your trip from the Kyiv Boryspil Airport to the city center with ease!  If you have any additional questions, please drop them in the comments or send us an email.  

*I am an ambassador for airBaltic and they flew me to Kyiv on this trip. All opinions are my own.

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