His name is Vadim Boyko, he is a 92 years old writer.
His name is Vadim Boyko, he is a 92 years old writer.

A well-groomed old man, a small height with a gray beard.

Last month I spend some time in Kiev to see my friends. Moving along the sleepy city center, Me and my girlfriend met this mysterious grandpa. He trades books on the street.
He seemed to be lost in time, standing at the corner of Reytarska street, spreading books for sale on the narrow sidewalk.
A well-groomed old man, a small height with a gray beard. His usual gentle smile and trustful gentle eyes were clearly distinguished among passers-by, immersed in themselves or mobile phones.
His grandpa’s voice tries to intervene in this endless stream of people, loudly calling the passers-by to buy his books. Of course I stopped and began to talk..

His name is Vadim Boyko, he is a 92 years old writer.

He is the author of the books: “The Word after the Death,” “If There Is Hell on Earth,” “Confession of the Executed,” “Unforgettable.” His works were translated into Russian, Hungarian, Slovak, and French. He wrote the story “After the execution”
It is in it, Boyko told the truth about inhuman cruelty, which was resorted to in the Nazi concentration camps.
Through that, he passed in person – a 16-year-old boy, the Nazis took him to hard labor to Germany.

The boy had time to go to the prisons of Leipzig, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Dresden, Breslau, Hindenburg, Kreuzburg and Boyten.

He was photographed, tortured and sent somewhere again.

Vadim got to the death camp of Auschwitz, where he was stamped on his left hand with a stamp – No. 131161, had a Gestapo escort card “not returned.” Boiko escaped from the gas chamber.

Historians believe that this is perhaps the only case during the entire time of the Auschwitz concentration camp, when a prisoner managed to escape from there.

Over the course of four years, about 5 million people were sent to the Auschwitz crematorium in the gas chambers and ovens. He Has more than twenty government awards, including the Order of the Great Patriotic War II degree, the Medal “For Bravery”, the Order of Ukraine “For Courage” of the 3rd Degree .

About the courage of Vadim Boyko became widely known in post-war Poland, for which he received the Order of the Auschwitz Cross personally from President Wojciech Jaruzelski.

Now he has no relatives left.

lack of money for the most necessary. His pension is enough only for the account for gas, electricity and water. What remains, then for medication.

“We live in a cruel, bloody world flooded with insanity, but thanks to human kindness, hope that does not disappear,” he said at the end of the conversation.

I was wondering if I can take your attention to this person and help this grandpa, he has nothing for the soul, except for the rare most valuable and beautiful gift that only a man can possess.

Only God knows why this gift was sent to him.But I know only one thing he is with an open heart bears that to people.

If you did not realize what this gift is, I will tell you: Kindness… .just Kindness.

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